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30kw wood pellet mill with rotating rollers for Italian customer

From: EP Machinery

The 30kw wood pellet mill is our HSKLN-350 model. It is roller rotating type pellet making machine. Its maximun capacity of it can be 500kg/h for making wood pellets.

This HSKLN-350 is specially designed for making wood pellets. The rotating roller can ensure higher pressure comparing with die rotating type. Meanwhile, there is a oil pump on it. The function of the oil pump is used to make the lubricating oil circulate. On the one hand, it can lubricate the gearbox all the time. On the other hand, it can cool down the machine during long time working.

This 30kw wood pellet mill is easy to be operate. No matter you have experience for making pellets or not, you can get good quality pellets from it.

In the following are the pictures of it:

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