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30 T/H Iron Powder Briquette Line

From: EP Machinery

Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd supply briquette line for making iron powders briquettes, here that is the whole process involved equipments in the iron powders briquette production Line. That is the whole machines, customers can choose the necessary machines according to different real situation. 

1. Automatic Double hopper with weighing---Here we need two different hoppers. The bigger one is for holding 30 tons raw materials, and the small one is for dry binders. The function of the automatic double hopper is to prepare both materials and binders well in available percentage, which also save customers' labour cost. 

2. Liquid binder mixers---It is used to prepared liquid binder, if the customer need to use the liquid binder. 

3. Horizontal mixer---We also call it powerful mixing machine, this powerful horizontal mixer is to mix the raw materials with dry and wet binders properly. The efficiency is very good, it is the best choice to mix materials with large capacity. 

4. Briquette machine---This briquette machine is specially designed and with good quality gearbox, the strength is very large, and the mould of the brqiuette machine is also produced with good quality steel materials, the cost will be accordingly higher. Because the materials are iron powders, so that means we need to use high quality mould to press the materials. 

5. Belt drying machine for finished iron briquettes---In such big 30 T/H briquette production line, after we get iron briquetttes, we also need drying machine to dry the finished wet iron briquettes. After drying, the steel plant just can use the iron briquettes to burn. 

6. In the whole production line, we also need several belt conveyors to connect machines. The length of the conveyos are decided by customers' factories places dimension. 

The above whole iron powder briquetting production plant is designed by E.P Machinery technical department, welcome customers to call or email us for further information of project.

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