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Coal and charcoal briquette press machine

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High efficient coal briquette machine is an equipment which can press variety of coal powder, coal dust, coal slime, coking coal, coke powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, iron scurf, iron oxide skin, active carbon, slag, gypsum, limestone, plastic, kaolin and tailings into ball. 

The requirements of raw materials
1. The materials powder size must be less than 4 cm. If not, you should crush it firstly. 
2. Any raw materials with metal is not allowed, otherwise it will damage the surface of rollers. 

The applications of end products
1. Home heating stoves; 
2. Hot water boilers and the industrial boilers; 
3. Easy transportation for powdered materials. 

---the roller is made by hard materials, with good wear resistance and long life time; 
---the service life of wearing parts is up to 4000 hours; 
---the machines electricity cost reduces by 60%; 
---the machine is easy to operate and maintain; 
---the molding material is energy-saving, easy to transport and higher utilization of waste. 
---the final product is smokeless, non-toxic, none peculiar and environmental protection. 
---the end products shapes include oval, round, square, ball egg-shaped and pillow-shaped. 

Working principle of coal briquette machine
Coal briquette machine will pass the power on to the two pressure roller through the reducer. 
The two sides and roll rotation, in both the rotating roll, natural materials to enter the ball roll mode, with the roll rotation, material pressure on a small become larger, when the material to the two rollers rotating line contact point, the pressure of materials has reached the peak. Tremendous pressure in the role of line, the materials becomes a finished product from the powder ball. 

Different models for your choosing: 



Motor Power

Diameter of Roller

Capacity for Coal


7.5 KW

290 MM


1-2 t/h


11 KW

360 MM


2-4 t/h


18.5 KW

400 MM


4-6 t/h


22 KW

450 MM


5-7 t/h


37 KW

500 MM


6-9 t/h


45 KW

650 MM


10-15 t/h


55 KW

750 MM


15-20 t/h


75 KW

850 MM


20-25 t/h



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