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2.5T-3.5T/H large hammer mill

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Large wood mill is based on our dual-motor wood shredder improved, the introduction of the high-end technology at home and abroad to make up for the dual-motor wood grinder work in the dust problems, and to make the equipment more rationalization of more Practical.

From the appearance point of view, hammer wood shredders and scrap mill, scrap mill is almost the same. our factory produces the production of scraps mill, scrap mill from the large-scale wood crusher evolved, but a slight change in the internal structure of the furniture factory for the scraps, small wood, small wood, laminates, plywood, Small branches, scrap, edge skin and other wood to a sawdust-like crushed to a single, or even thinner, the finest can reach 60 or so, to get rid of the secondary crushing problems.

Large-scale wood crusher is mainly used for processing pine, Zamu, Yang wood, fir, the original bamboo and other materials, more suitable for edible fungus culture medium in the processing of wood chips. At the same time, scrap mill can also be used for bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, sorghum stalk and other fiber stalk-like material chips. It can process all kinds of branches, slabs, small diameter center wood, scrap, wood chips, bamboo, cotton stalk and other materials into sawdust and filamentous products at one time. It has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption and high productivity. , Good economic returns, easy maintenance and other advantages.


Large wood shredders mainly by the shavings, grinding devices and fan components. Wood chips by the chip after cutting the size of small wood chips, without drying can be sent to further crushing crushing device, crushed the finished product sent to the aggregate by the fan location.

Compared with the large-size wood grinder, the structure of the large-scale wood-pulverizer is more complex and the appearance structure is almost the same, which is completely different from the shell, base, pulley, induced draft fan.


Detailed parameter

model rotation diameter (mm) hammer quantity hammer thickness feeding inlet diameter main shaft(min/h) main power air fan power capacity(kg/h)
HSFS-1000 720 70 8 MM 800*350 MM 2200 75 KW 4 KW 2500-3000
HSFS-1300 820 140 8 MM 1000*400 MM 2000 90 KW 4 KW 3500-4000
HSFS-1600 920 154 8 MM 1300*450 MM 1800 110 KW 4 KW 4500-5500




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