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Cow feed pellet machine for Australia farmers

From: EP Machinery

Nowadays, more and more big farmers need larger pellet machine to make feed pellets for cow and sheep, like Australia, New Zealand, etc. So how to make grass pellets and stalk pellets with large capacity? How to feed the animals with enough feed pellets? E.P Machinery can suplly you the feasible machine to do that.

E.P Machinery designed one type stalk/grass pellet machine, which can make square shape stalk/grass pellets for feeding cows and sheeps. The capacity of the feed pellet machine can reach to 2.5 ton per hour, so it can meet big farms requirements to use. The animals eat the square feed pellets, which can be more easily digested for animals, and also the stalks and grass can be used properly to avoid wasting.

So this kind machine is your best choice for farms developing. For furhter inforamtion, pls contact us without hesitation.



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