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10TPH coal briquette line for our Kenya client

From: EP Machinery

On April 1st,2014, the 10ton/hour coal briquette line made for our Kenya client was delivered to China Qingdao port. The coal briquette line is made up of crushing machine, liquid binder mixer, double shaft mixer, briquette machine and box dryer, as well as some auxiliary equipment such as conveyors and electric cabinet.  All the machines are packed into three 40FT containers. For the briquette machine, it is model HSYQ-650 with hydraulic device.

For the box dryer, it is not the common mesh dryer, the two layers of it is made up of thick steel plate.  There are many holes on the plate for releasing the hot air. In  the following are the pictures of the steel plate:

In the following are more pictures of the 10TPH coal briquette line:





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