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1,000 KG/H wood pellet line

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Briefly Introduction Wood Pellet Line:
1. Raw material:
Wood pellets can be made from sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips or wood logs, any wood wastes or biomass straws, stalks, etc.
2. Involved processes:
Depending on the input materials, which are cereal straws, wood materials, etc.So before the pelleting press, a product with a granular size of approx. 5 mm and a residual moisture content of approx. 15 % is required.
The mainly processes are: Wood Crushing / Hammer mill (if the raw material size is larger than 5 mm), Drying Machine(if the raw material contains too much moisture), Pelletizing, Cooling and Conveyors, Electric Cabinet. The whole process is highly automatically controlled.
3. Production capacity:
1,000 kgs per hour is available.
4. Highlight of our equipments
1) Reliable continuous operation
2) Low energy consumption
3) Low maintenance cost
Part A: Hammer mill & Wood crusher
Clients can use any kinds of agro-wastes to make biomass pellets, such as wood sawdust, branches, prunings, straw, stalks, grass, etc.
But for different size of biomass materials, hammer mill or wood crusher can be optional. If the diameter of biomass materials is less than 50 mm, clients should choose hammer mill. If the diameter is 50-250 mm, client should choose wood crusher. For hammer mill and wood crusher, all of their final crushed size is less than 5 mm, which are suitable for making pellets.
Part B: Dryer
Raw materials which contents humidity above 20%, you need to install a dryer before further processing. And the best Humidity Content is 12%-15%.
Part C: Granulator/Pellet press
Flat die pellet mills are generally used for pellet production on a small to medium scale. The HSKL series of flat die pellet mills below can process a wide range of biomass materials, for a range of applications. These include wood, straws, grasses and other biomass residues.
Part D: Cooler and Screener
Cooler is the machine to screen and cool the finished pellets by connecting the pellet machine with cooler together. After screening and cooling by the cooler, the pure pellets will come out without any dust and temperature.
Auxiliary Equipment
Part E: Screw Conveyor
The conveyor is used to convey particle materials and small lumpy materials to the next equipment in the process. The length and the shape of conveyor can be adjusted differently according to customers’ requirements. This conveyor can save labour cost for moving the materials.
Part F: Electric Cabinet
The electric cabinet is used for controlling the whole plant electricity supplying in the production line. It is more humanized.
Part G: Rotary Screener
The rotary screener is used for screening some iron materials and mess in the biomass materaisl. It purify the raw materials and ensure you use the clean materials to make pellets.
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1 #azim
azim I am interested for line pellet and briquette machine both of .I see on piture so my material is raw long 20cm diametri what I need to start making pellet and briquette i need the machine found for me ans send me in this e-mail
admin finally edited at 12/10/2012 4:16:34 AM
http://n/a 2012/12/8 7:16:23 【REPLY】
2 #qazim
qazim I am interested for line pellet and briquette machine both of .I see on piture so my material is raw long 20cm diametri what I need to start making pellet and briquette i need the machine found for me ans send me in this e-mail

admin finally edited at 12/9/2012 11:08:51 PM
http://n/a 2012/12/8 7:17:41 【REPLY】
3 #Mr.thanakrit
Mr.thanakrit dear sir
i am very interest small wood pellet machine production your product. i want to know price all production line , need capacity 1,000 kgs/hr. size pellet 6-8 mm. : 1 unit line ( dont need packing machine)
my information :

1.material : is rubber wood size : diameter 3-8 cm.long 50-150 cm. Maxinum 10 cm mositure : 30-35% ,

2.need capacity 1,000 MT/hr ( not lower than), machine can produced continous time 15-20 hr.day

3.please tell me price USD/unit line : FOB in your port. or CNF Bangkok port thailand. ,

i cantact form pattana trading co.,ltd form thailand

2013/3/10 21:29:45 【REPLY】
4 #qazim
qazim send me the price for this line
admin replyed at 8/22/2013 12:05:36 AM
Thank you for your inquiry, sir. Please kindly let us know your target capacity and the situation of your raw materials. YOu can write to Mr Richard, his email address is epcrushing@gmail.com. He will come back to you with all the details.
http://n/a 2013/8/16 14:48:03 【REPLY】
5 #Darko
Darko 1,000 KG/H wood pellet line
I am interested in the price of pellet line
2013/9/3 1:15:03 【REPLY】
6 #Matteo
Matteo I would like to open a pellet factory. I need a complete row, from the hammer mill & Wood crusher to the machine to put pellet in the bag.I want to know the prize for it, the maintenance cost, the energy cost. I have to Know who mount the machines.
2013/12/15 15:56:40 【REPLY】
7 #Anton
Anton Hello, I need in the beginning a smaller one pellet mashine (50-100kg/hour) for testing. Could you offer me price with specifications and delivery to Bulgaria, Sofia, Europe.
Thank you!
2016/2/5 5:21:34 【REPLY】
8 #Hanggoro
Hanggoro Please give me quotation for 1000kg/h wood pellet Line
2017/3/1 21:51:26 【REPLY】
9 #Maige
Maige I need the wood machine but I don’t know how it operate, I just want to invest on it
10 #Maige
Maige Am interested on wood pellets machine for automatic machine
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