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Hydraulic cubic shisha charcoal press machine for Lebanon client

This hydraulic cubic shisha charcoal press machine was specially designed by us 4 years ago. It is good for making shisha charcoal with high strength and good appearance. The max pressure of this machine can reach 50Ton. It is big enough to make strong shisha charcoal. The shisha charcoal made by it cannot be broken by hand. Nowadays, some other suppliers copied our machine and they claimed the max pressure can reach 100Ton or 200Ton. Honestly, such a big pressure will break the machine.


2016/5/12 Comments:0hydraulic cubic shisha press machinehydraulic shisha press machinecubic shisha press machineshisha charcoal making machine
Fast carbonzing machine for making charcoal from wood

The vertical type carbonizing machine is suitable for carbonizing various kinds of raw materials, such as wood chips, coconut shell, wood logs, wood briquettes, etc.

It is made up of inner barrel, heat retaining casing, fume extracting device and wood tar oil collecting part.


2016/4/22 Comments:0fast carbonizing machinecharcoal carbonizing machinewood charcoal making machine
20TPH coal briquette plant/coal briquette press line for delivery

 In the past three days, we were busying to load a 20TPH coal briquette line into containers. It is line which is made up of dosing hoppers, rotary dryer, crushing machine, mixing machine, pre-pressing machine and coal briquette press machine. For the whole line, it needs 5 containers to load.


2016/4/21 Comments:020TPH coal briquette linecoal briquette plantcoal briquette press line
Ring die pellet making plant for Singapore client

 This ring die pellet making plant was produced for one Singapore client.  It is made up of crushing machine, ring die pellet mill, cooling machine and screening machine.  The belt conveyors, bucket elevator and dust collecting parts are included. 

2016/4/19 Comments:0ring die pellet making linewood pellet linering die pellet making plant
rice husk briquette machine for Argentina client

In order to make good using of biomass waste, such as straw, sawdust, rice husk, etc, you can choose this screw type briquette machine. It can be used to press different kinds of agricultural waste into briquettes.

The briquettes made by screw type briquette machine has the advanges of high density, high heating value, uniform appearance. What's more, you can carbonize biomass briquettes into charcoal briquettes if you want.


2016/4/19 Comments:0rice husk briquette machinebiomass briquette machinesawdust briquette machine
Hydraulic pallet block press machine for sawdust and wood shavings

Hydraulic pallet block press machine for sawdust and wood shavings 


2016/4/1 Comments:0hydraulic pallet block press machinewood shaving press machinesawdust briquette machine
AL Dross briquette machine with screw feeder

As we know, Al dross has the features of light specific gravity, no viscidity. In order to make Al dross briquettes, we need to add binders for briquetting. Meanwhile, the binder should have low moisture. If AL dross meet water during briquetting, a lot of smelly gas will be produced.


2016/3/23 Comments:0AL dross briquette machineAl dust briquette machineAl2O3 briquette machine
charcoal extruding production line/ charcoal extruding machine/ charcoal briquette extruder

In orde to get better combustion effect, normally we need to process charcoal powder or charcoal fragment into charcoal briquettes. The final briquettes are normally used for home cooking, BBQ, etc.

If you want to make charcoal rod, please consider about our charcoal extruding production line. 


2016/3/17 Comments:0charcoal extruding machinecharcoal extruding production linecharcoal briquette extruder
coconut shell charcoal making machine/ carbonizing machine/ charcoal carbonizer

In South-east Asia, Africa, Latin America, Coconut is very popular. Coconut shells normally are waste. Now a lot of countries are making better use of them. For example, making coconut shell into coconut charcoal. The coconut shell charcoal can be used for water-cleaning, for fuel, also can be used for shisha smoking.


2016/3/17 Comments:0coconut shell charcoal making machinecoconut charcoal machinecharcoal carbonizing machinecharcoal carbonizer
shisha charcoal packing machine/cubic charcoal tablet packing machine/hookah charcoal packing machine

 As we all know, normally the shisha charcoals are cubic shape or round shape with diameter less than 50mm. The most popular size is 25x25x25mm, 25x25x15mm cubic shape or 30mm, 40mm diameter round shape. 

Our shisha charcoal packing machine can be used to pack different size shisha charcoal, no matter cubic size or round size. It is very convenient for using. Single phase electric power is enough for it. The packing speed of it is 60 to 200bags per min. The speed of it can be adjustable. The packing materials of it can be OPP、PE、PVC、OOP/CPP、PT/PE, Al, etc. The max length of package can be 280mm. 


2016/3/9 Comments:0shisha charcoal packing machinecubic charcoal tablet packing machinehookah charcoal packing machine
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